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Broader victim empowerment programme

The Phokeng Trauma Centre programmes are informed by the National Policy guidelines for Victim Empowerment and fits into the broader VE programme within the North West Province. Victim empowerment aims to restore the loss or damage caused by criminal acts and their conse- quences through a variety of actions intended to empower the victim to deal with the consequences of the event, to leave it behind and suffer no further loss or damage. It is premised upon the belief that individuals, families, and communities have the right to privacy, safety and human dignity (National Policy Guideline).

Trauma support and counselling

Trauma Support is the empathetic, person centred assistance rendered to the individual following the incident of victimisation. The aim of PTC Trauma Support and counselling programme is to see the victims of gender based violence empowered to deal with the consequences of the event, to leave it behind and suffer no further loss or damage. Through Trauma Support and Counselling programme PTC provides comprehensive services which include trauma debriefing, referral for forensic examination, long-term therapy and counselling. Counselling and the main component of intervention in this programme, consists of face-to-face acute and on-going sessions to clients

Advocacy and awareness

Advocacy and awareness Advocacy and awareness raising programme is one of the PTC comprehensive strategy to address problems related gender based violence. The results expected from this intervention is that children, families, care givers and communities would be aware of their rights and responsibilities and the services available to strengthen and support them where rape and gender violence are concerned. The goal is to reach more victims, increase community support for the victims and PTC services, and to reduce the multi-generational effects of domestic violence, rape and human trafficking.

Witness support programme

Going through the criminal justice system as a victim and witness can be confusing and overwhelming. The process is most often long and exhausting because of postponements. Secondly court process is viewed as foreign by many victims. They often experience fear, anxiety, feel unsafe and may feel re-victimized through this process. It is therefore very important that victims find comfort in the fact that they are not alone in this psycho-socially challenging experience.

Overnight accommodation for victims

The aim and purpose of the PTC overnight accommodation at the centre is to ensure care, safety and protection for victims of rape and domestic violence during time of emergency. Our secure overnight facility are equipped with three beds, wardrobes, TV, fridge, and there is a provision for comfort packs witch contain all necessary toiletries for ablution. Victims are accommodated for a night or two before they are integrated back with their family or referred to house of safety for long term rehabilitation. This intervention includes not only meeting basic needs (food, and clothing) but includes as well an overnight accompaniment by care worker.